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Michael Class lives in the present, but he is traveling into the future. When he was a child, he had the ability to slow down - and even stop - time. He especially liked to stop time on warm summer days, while lying on his back on a grassy hill and looking up at wisps of white clouds passing high overhead in the bright blue sky. He could make the day stretch itself out for what seemed like forever. If you are old enough, you may remember some summer days from your childhood that seemed to last forever. You can thank Michael Class for those.

Michael Class lost the ability to control time when he became an adult. Now, he moves forward in time at an ever-increasing rate, unable to stop time’s progress ...


"I hope these stories of the past bring you many hours of reading enjoyment. I hope you discover something new and exciting every time you open this book."


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michael class anthony and the magic picture frame author



(A puzzle no one has solved. But, you'll need the book to solve it.)

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This book is dedicated to my parents and grandparents.

If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be here.


This book is dedicated to my wife and children.

They are the light in my life, and they shine brightly.


This book is dedicated to America’s children.

May the light of other days shine down around them, and show them the way.


This book is dedicated to the teachers of America’s children.

May they be reminded of that which they once knew.


This book is dedicated to all who dream.

May they find the courage to make their dreams come true.


This book is dedicated to America and all those who dream of it.


Michael S. Class, 2005 

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